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Lives and works in France.

Long-term intensive workshop since 2009.

PAINTING. Solo exhibitions
JUXTAPOSE-RECONCILE-ACCORD (Taikyti, sutaikyti, sutarti). Espace International du CEAAC, Strasbourg, France. July 2009
IN THE DEPTH OF THE EARTH and MOUNTAINS IN BLOSSOM (Iš žemės gelmių; Žydintys kalnai). North House, Reykjavik, Iceland. October 2008
IN THE DEPTH OF THE EARTH (Iš žemės gelmių). Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union, Belgium. February 2008
IN THE THE DEPTH OF THE EARTH (Iš žemės gelmių). Gallery Meno niša, Vilnius, and Art Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda, Lithuania. December 2007-January 2008
APPLE TREE IN BLOSSOM (Žydinti obelis). Gallery Meno niša, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2006-January 2007
SECRETES OF SILENCE (Tylos slėpiniai). Gallery Meno niša, Vilnius, Lithuania. December 2005-January 2006
FORGET-ME-NOT (Neužmirštuolė). Artist Residence Ricklundgarden, Saxnas, Lapland, Sweden. 2004
SHE IS MELTING, WINDY, IN BUD (Tirpstanti, vėjuota, pumpuruota). Amber Museum-Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. September 2003
HORIZONS OF LAPLAND (Laplandijos horizontai). Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania. June 2002
UNFINISHED DIERIES (Nebaigti dienoraščiai). Artist House of V. ir K. Mizuary 2008giriai, Nida, Lithuania. July 2002
GONE OUT OF THE DESERT... (Išėjęs iš dykumos...). UNESCO gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2001

1000 ir 1. Clothes and accessories collection. II international jewellery show Amber Trip. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2005
CONVEYER 2002 (Konvejeris 2002). Accessories collection. Joint show with sister Ieva. Fashion Infection festival. Šiuolaikinio meno centras, Vilnius, Lietuva. 2001
MOVEMENT IN COLOURS (Judėjimas spalvomis). Artist carpets exhibition. Joint show with sister Ieva. Vilnius Town Hall, Lithuania. 2001 gruodis
BEAUTY OF THE NETHERLANDS (Nyderlandų gražuolė). Clothes colelction. Joint show with sister Ieva. Verkių Mill, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2000
Nida Fashion Festival. Nida, Lithuania. 1998
International Fashion Festival In Vogue. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1998

Exhibition-contest Soyons fous, ne nous prenons pas au sérieux. GemlucArt, Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco. 2016 October
Les cinq éléments - Opus 5: L'Ether. Le Póle Bijou gallery, Baccarat, France. 2016 June-November
Lithuanian artist exhibition Global Warming Christmas. Gallery Something Unexpected. New York, USA. 2007
Photography exhibition Each Millimetre is Important. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2007
Art in Polygraph. Gallery Meno niša. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2007
Hiding-Places. Ahrenshoop artist house, Germany. 2006.
Graphics and sculpture exhibition Space, Plane, Body. Modern Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2006
Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE'05. Art gallery of M. Žilinskas, Kaunas, Lithuania. 2005
Painting and sculpture exhibition. Hotel Karolina, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2005
N + 1. Passage Senamiesčio dominija, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2004
Instance in Art. Konsthall gallery, Väsby, Sweden. 2004
Instance in Art. Krebsen gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2004
De fil en fil... Cite des metiers et des arts, Limoges, France. 2003
Exhibition at Ricklundgarden Artists' Residence. Saxnas, Lapland, Sweden. 2002
International paper symposium-exhibition Pop Art. Smiltynė and Vilnius, Lithuania. 2001
International paper symposium-exhibition Pop Art. Dusetos and Vilnius, Lithuania. 2000
Painting exhibition in manufactory. Soest, the Netherlands. 2000
Exhibition of miniature. Vilnius and Klaipėda, Lithuania. 1999
Exhibition Released Things. Modern Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. 1998
Textile exhibition. Panevėžys, Lithuania. 1997
Lithuanian Applied Arts. Modern Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. 1996
Final phase of international project of fine and applied arts ArtGenda'96. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1995
Annual exhibitions Student Art Days. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1993-1996

Member of association La Maison des Artistes (France). Since 2015
State Young Artist Grant. Lithuania. 2000.
Member of Artist Union of Lithuania. Since 1999
Art Days of Students Exhibition award. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1994.

The Painting Workshop. Strasbourg, France. 2008
SIM Art Residence. Reykjavik, Iceland. 2007
Ricklundgarden Artists' Residence. Saxnas, Lapland, Sweden. 2002, 2003, 2004

Master of the Plastic Design. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. 1997
Bachelor of the Plastic Design. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. 1995
Graduator of painting studies at Vilnius M. K. Čiurlionis Secondary School, Lithuania. 1990

In 1973